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Christall Kay Addresses The Biggest Misconception About The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg Explains Why Evodia Mogase Was Her Favorite Cast Member Last Season!

Christall Kay is returning to The Real Housewives of Johannesburg for a second season along with her co-star Brinnette Seopela, who will be joined by five new cast members. Now, the "Wonder" singer explains why she decided to return to the 1Magic hit reality series and what they can expect and much more!

"I believe in reality TV, and I love the franchise. Season 1 was very challenging for me, but through having the platform I got to see what a positive influence I could have on so many people," she told DStv about why she decided to appear on both seasons of RHOJ.

Despite feuding with Evodia "Madame" Mogase last season, Christall admits that Madame was her favorite housewife. "Evodia was definitely my favourite Housewife. She was my foe more than my friend, but she made the show exciting."

Kay also addresses the misconception people get about RHOJ. "There are many misconceptions people have about the show, especially that it is scripted, which it is absolutely not. If you act on this show, it shows immediately. Another big one is that if you are rich you have a perfect life," she explained. "Reality shows – Real Housewives in particular – depict glamorous, beautiful women in different settings, sometimes in the most vulnerable way where they are brave enough to reveal their worst frailties, which goes to show we are all human. The viewer can identify with this and be comforted in the fact that some of their biggest role models also have weaknesses."

So how challenging has filming been for Christall? "The filming schedule is intense, with mostly two scenes per day. Your loved ones definitely have to understand that you can’t be around all that much, but at least a season’s shooting lasts only for about two months."

As for her favorite and worst thing about doing the show, she said: "The best part of the show for me is being able to speak your truth according to your opinion and experience, and what you feel is right in each situation," she told DStv. "It is a powerful place to be in when you have so many fans watching your every move. The worst part of the show is when you are brave enough to expose your weaknesses and be real, and people or your haters criticise and use them against you."

As for her favorite oversees Housewive? "It has to be Denise Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Photo Credit: 1Magic