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Bethenny Frankel Opens Up About Family Life With Boyfriend Paul Bernon!

Bethenny Frankel is opening up about her family life with her boyfriend Paul Bernon. The former Real Housewives of New York City star reveals she and Bernon are even considering getting out of the city for good.

"I spend a lot of time in Boston. I consider myself lucky to have a home in both [New York City and Boston], and we both are back and forth, with the kids, go back and forth," Frankel told Entertainment Tonight. "The city's been amazing to me, the city does never sleep, but I like to sleep a little more."

"Biggy and Smallz are also our family. And they love my boyfriend -- my dogs love Paul, Bryn loves Paul," Frankel says of her pups and her 9-year-old daughter with ex-husband Jason Hoppy. "We all are a family unit, and there's a lot of love. We're very simple. We don't go out a lot. We're homebodies. You know, we like the activities, whether it's apple-picking or cooking at home, or now we'll be bathing the dog."

The Skinnygirl mogul admits that she makes an effort to keep some parts of her past away from her daughter for now. "She's very innocent and I like that," Frankel says of her daughter's understanding of her own childhood. "I haven't really been specific about my life. I've just said, 'I haven't had the same sort of childhood that you have had, and a lot of other kids don't have what you have, so I want you to be appreciative and I want you to know how loved you are.'"

Frankel has also focused on helping those less fortunate in relief efforts with her organization, BStrong. "I've been to Guatemala, North Carolina, Texas, Puerto Rico, we've been in the California fires, we've helped the Amazon... I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico, and now the Bahamas is sort of that same level of crisis," she told Entertainment Tonight. "In the beginning, you're sort of scared and you don't know what you're getting into and it's really intense to do this kind of work because you're sort of going kinda rogue, it's like a pop-up startup. There's so many elements, from no water to people needing generators, to people actually dying. It's life and death. We've definitely saved thousands of people's lives."

Photo Credit: Getty Images