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Bethenny Frankel On Her Decision To Quit RHONY: “It Wasn’t About Money”

Bethenny Frankel is opening up about her decision to leave The Real Housewives of New York City. The Skinnygirl mogul says she relied on her gut to make the tough decision. Speaking at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit, Frankel said, “That morning I thought I was possibly going to go back.”

“It wasn’t about money,” said Frankel. “If I went back, it was about money, if that makes any sense. When I joined The Housewives, everyone told me not to do it and I went with my gut to do it. And when I thought about leaving, everyone told me not to leave. And I went with my gut to leave.”

“Leaving the Housewives was because I think that I just didn’t want to be at the party where my eyelashes were falling off at two o’clock in the morning, not literally on the show, which that would happen also, but the metaphorical eyelash-hanging-off party,” she said Thursday at the Summit.

“I like to leave when something for me is at its peak and I was talking to Bravo about many different things and I just decided let’s roll, it’s time to go,” she added.

Frankel began her “next chapter” when she signed a deal with MGM Television and Mark Burnett to develop TV projects. Frankel said she had already met with 10 networks and streaming services — and revealed she’s already sold two shows.

“Most of the shows are around women, business — some are around food,” she said at the event about the unscripted shows, according to Yahoo! Finance. “But mostly entrepreneurs and women. But not in a touchy-feely way but in sort of a hardcore way, if that makes any sense.”

Photo Credit: Bravo