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The Real Housewives Of Cheshire Tease Viewers What They Can Expect In Season 10!

The Real Housewives of Cheshire stars Dawn Ward, Ester Dee, Hanna Miraftab, Perla Navia, Rachel Lugo, Seema Malhotra and Tanya Bardsley are spilling the tea and sharing details about what viewers can expect from them in Season 10.

"Lots of laughs and tears, extreme happiness – little bit of a mix," Dawn Ward told Manchester Evening News. "Kanditree, my business, is flying and going from strength to strength. We are now doing lots more events, weddings and taking on more staff. I am also expanding my clinic business across the country."

"My first born has just got engaged and is about to become married shortly," she shared. "Looks like the Ward clan is expanding for sure!"

"This series you can expect new business ventures and a new look!," Tanya Bardsley said. "I think I have got a bit fatter. I have been on holiday since the last series so have been taking advantage of the "‘all inclusive’ resort."

Meanwhile, Hanna Miraftab is busy planning her wedding.

"I have lots of things going on this series. I have a big wedding to plan and I am also very busy working," she told Manchester Evening News. "So, there is a lot of stuff going on in my personal life. Obviously, as the show is following my real life, there is a lot going on.

"Since the last series life has got more hectic I think. As the wedding approaches, there are more and more things adding to the to do this. Obviously, I am trying to work alongside the show and planning the wedding – therefore I think this series will just seem more hectic for me."

While some of the ladies are caught in the drama, Ester Dee reveals she's living her best life at the moment.

"This series you can expect very artistic Ester – singing, modelling and showing off!," she said. "Since the last series I lost a little bit of weight and I am less stressed."

As for Perla Navia, she said, "I think this series I am sure and relaxed around the girls. I am opening up a lot more this season about my life and everything that has gone on. I think they understand me and understand that my life has been different perhaps to so many of theirs. I am not scared of being me."

"Now I want to have fun. I want to get involved with the girls. You will see probably a lot of drama though! Life has changed so much – literally I am so privileged."

"I have opened my second yoga studio in Cheshire and I am developing my jewelry range which is Chantico," she shared. "It represents ethnicity so all the pieces are designed around the Amazonian culture. Very much going back to my roots so I am very excited about this. They are very big pieces and very out there.

"They have been made by Amazonian women which is incredible and so inspirational."

Rachel Lugo also seems to have her plate full this season. "You can expect me to continue for me to be the loyal and down to earth friend that I always have been. Obviously fiery if things upset me and I still try to continue to be the voice of reason. I am very loyal to my friends."

"I have been busy with work, I have been having tenants moving in and out," she told Manchester Evening News. "There have been a few changes to the houses. Also, there have been a few big decisions made in my home life."

Seema Malhotra continues to expand her fashion empire. "We have a new housewife, this always causes drama, we have a wedding, we have fetish parties, we have a girl's trip to Prague ... the list goes on and on," she explained.

"Life has become so busy juggling being on the show and running my fashion brand Forever Unique. Also helping my son with his new menswear brand AZAT MARD which launches mid-September."

She added: "Since filming the last series, I have been travelling all over the world with Forever Unique. We have just opened showrooms in Athens and Atlanta and next will be plans to open in LA."

Photo Credit: ITVBe