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Teresa Giudice’s Husband Joe Giudice Reportedly Plans To Become MMA Fighter!

According to a new report, Joe Giudice, the husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice wants to become a MMA fighter when he gets released from ICE custody.  “He’s a trained martial artist,” a source told Page Six.

“He wants to compete and he wants to compete now, in not martial arts, but mixed martial arts.”

Source reveal that the father-of-four went into prison at 215 pounds and now weighs 165 pounds.

“According to him, he’s been doing a lot of the exercises and a lot of the routines that he learned when he got his black belt,” the insider told the publication. “He’s been eating right, exercising, staying in shape, getting his body right and he feels like, as far as his condition, he feels stronger than he did when he was in his 20s.”

“This is one of the things that he is adamant about and he has been speaking about it for quite some time. He didn’t just cook this up last night,” the insider told Page Six. “It’s one of the reasons why he’s worked so hard to stay in shape and get in shape and whatnot.”

As previously reported, the father-of-four filed for an extension to submit a reply brief after the Attorney General demanded for him to be deported from the United States to his native Italy.  Joe initially didn’t file the right paperwork, and was in danger of having his entire case thrown out. However, he soon resubmitted the documents, and was considered in “compliance” on September 3, reports the outlet.

On September 12, the Third Circuit Court shut down his extension request. Joe was ordered to file a his response by October 15.

In July, Joe submitted his final brief to the Third Circuit Court, outlining reasons he should remain in the United States.

On behalf of the Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division Joseph H. Hunt submitted a 40-page rebuttal to the court on August 14, agreeing with an immigration judge’s initial ruling to deport him.

An immigration judge ruled in October 2018 that Giudice be deported on the grounds that he committed an aggravated felony — which holds as the highest level crime in the U.S.

Most recently, Joe made a video appearance during a bond hearing on Wednesday, September 11, which Teresa was present at the hearing, as was his mother, sister, brother and two dozen other family members. Joe and Teresa's four daughters did not attend as they were all in school.

Joe's lawyer requested that he be released from ICE custody so he can wait out his deportation appeal with his family, according to PEOPLE. According to a source, the hearing lasted one hour. The judge did not issue a decision but is expected to issue a written one within a week.

If the judge rules in Giudice’s favor, he will be able to return to his home to await the rest of his deportation case. If the judge rules in favor of the Attorney General’s Office, Joe will have to wait out his case in the detention center that he is currently in and will have no other recourse.

“Joe is anxious and he desperately wants to come home,” an insider revealed. “This is obviously a very critical hearing for Joe and his family,” Leonard told Page Six. “We are hopeful that the Court will grant him bond.”

Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Shutterstock; Curtis Means/Ace Pictures/Shutterstock