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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Confirms She’s Expecting A Baby Girl And Shares Body-Positive Message In Topless Baby Bump Selfie!

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave has confirmed that she's expecting a baby girl with husband Edwin Arroyave. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared the exiting news on Instagram on Monday, September 30.

Mellencamp uploaded photos and video from the gender reveal, showing herself, Edwin and their two children — daughter Slate (6) and son Cruz (5) — popping confetti-filled balloons to discover that the couple’s third child together will be a girl.

"It’s a girl! Of course, we would have been equally excited either way, as @tedwinator, the kids and I are just blessed to have a healthy baby no matter the gender. Although I did promise Cruz he could help name her so not sure she’ll be too thrilled being called ”Catboy” Arroyave. 😜 Thank you to @ocballoonbar for the pop we needed, @204events for the rad background and @jorgebphoto for capturing this moment so perfectly. 💕"

During the weekend, Teddi shared her a photo on Instagram, sharing her bare baby bump while covering her breast along with a body positivity message.

"When it comes to our bodies, we have a choice: to criticize them or embrace them. I spent many years fixated on the stretch marks that run down my inner thighs or the loose skin on my arms I try to pose away in pics or how my face gets red and blotchy on days I am stressed or eat something that doesn’t agree with me. Well not today," she wrote. "Not now. I am loving the skin I am in and feeling damn proud about it. Proud to be unapologetically me; a woman who works hard and believes the best is always yet to come, for my mind, soul and yes, body. So I ask you to declare it: what’s your favorite thing or something you’re learning to embrace about yourself?"

Photo Credit: Bravo