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Tamra Judge Throws Major Shade At Emily Simpson; Says “I Think Her Husband’s More Interesting Than Her”

Tamra Judge is sounding off on her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars Emily Simpson and Kelly Dodd. “I don’t really have the power to fire or anything like that,” she told Life & Style.

“But I think Kelly’s probably good TV. People like to watch her act out. Emily — I think her husband’s more interesting than her.”

Judge explains why she thinks Shane and Emily's marriage is not a good fit on the Bravo hit reality series. “I’m so tired of seeing marriages fall apart on national TV to be honest with you,” she continued. “So you know, I just feel like it’s happened so many times on Housewives shows, like I don’t wanna see that anymore.”

Judge says she would like the show to promote a more positive view of marriages, like newcomer Braunwyn Windham-Burke and her husband Sean.

“Bring on people that have healthy marriages like Braunwyn and her husband, like that’s interesting to watch and see that dynamic,” she explained. “I’m tired of them promoting people that are coming on the show that have terrible marriages, thinking it’s going to make it better or make it worse. I don’t know.”

Photo Credit: Bravo