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Tamra Judge Says She “Did The Viewers A Service” By Exposing The Kelly Dodd ‘Sex Train’ Rumor On RHOC!

Tamra Judge reveals why she decided to bring up Kelly Dodd's "sex train" rumor on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Judge says it needed to be exposed to save the group from "two years with Vicki Gunvalson saying, 'I know something that I can’t reveal!' And keep saying it every time, 'I know something! I know something!' So, we all know!"

"I feel I did the viewers a favor," Tamra told Entertainment Tonight of exposing the rumor on camera. "It was something that was told to Shannon [Beador] and Vicki last year, offseason. They told me, we three knew about it. I never really thought it was gonna be brought up or an issue or anything, but then Vicki kept going, going and I'm like, 'Are you talking about the train?' Almost like, 'That stupid rumor?'"

Tamra says she takes full ownership for putting the rumor out there, but had no idea "it was gonna go that far."

"So, when the season started this year, Kelly and I were talking a lot," Tamra admits. "We were drawn together because I know what it's like to be a victim of Vicki rumors, right?"

"She would talk to me all the time and I’m like, 'I get it, I get it!'" Tamra recalls. "And she's like, 'I don't know how you can forgive her!' And I'm like, 'It takes time.' I felt bad for her! And then it would just -- I would say, three quarters into the season, everything falls apart."

"Kelly does something towards the end of the [season] that is very hurtful and very damaging," she adds. "I tried not to bring too much light to it, because I really didn't want to talk about it, so I kind of kept those emotions in."

Tamra won’t reveal what exactly transpires between her and Kelly, claims it's bad.

"I really thought that I was trying to help her, and I was being a good friend to her, and then all of a sudden, I go away on a vacation and come back and I find out she's trashing me to everybody," she teases. "So, I really don’t know what happened, 'cause I haven't seen it yet. I'll find out when everybody else does."

"Trust me, they are both as equally as mean to each other," Tamra said about Dodd and Gunvalson. "I think me and Shannon are trying to navigate between the two of them, and we always say we're on the right side. That's it. They're both being mean to each other. If you're gonna be nice, then I'll agree with that. If you're gonna be mean, I'm gonna disagree with that. That's it."

Tamra then explains why her feud with Dodd is different from what she had with Vicki.

"It's taken me a long time, Shannon and I both a long time, and I think that Vicki is in a place in her life right now where she is happy," Tamra says of repairing that relationship. "She's with Steve [Lodge], who is an amazing guy and she's changed for us. I mean, if it happens again, I'm definitely done. So, it took me a couple of years, even the beginning of this season, I was not fully onboard with Vicki. I was being very cautious. It's been probably the last four months that we have gotten closer."

"I don't have that background with Kelly, and there is a difference between Kelly and Vicki," Tamra told Entertainment Tonight. "Vicki doesn’t go after your children. Kelly just gets low, very low, nonstop. Nonstop on social media … The rest of us, we don’t go there. The show has changed since Kelly has been on. Just ask Heather Dubrow."

Photo Credit: Bravo