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Tamra Judge Doesn’t Like The Way She’s Being Portrayed On RHOC Season 14; Says “It’s Very Upsetting To Me And Not Accurate”

Tamra Judge is sharing her thoughts on the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The mother-of-four is spilling the tea about her friendships, feuds and much more during a recent Q&A Session on Instagram.

When asked why she condones and encourages Shannon Beador's dramatic behavior, Tamra replied: "Shannon has a heart of Gold and that's all that matters," she wrote. "We all have our own personality quirks and being dramatic is not hurting anyone."

Tamra the sounded off on her issues with co-star Emily Simpson. "I never said I didn't like Emily. She's said a lot of things behind my back that got back to me, I'm confused by her behavior. Even Gina says on next episode Emily's talked a lot of s**t about me."

"Most people can't handle the truth," said Judge when asked why she's accused by her co-stars for stirring the pot.

When asked if she and Kelly are on good terms, Tamra simply replied, "NOPE!"

Tamra then reveals how the opening intro gets filmed. "No! I think there are a lot of factors that go into it," wrote Judge. "We take the pics separately then they piece them together."

Tamra then reveals that she's not liking how she's being portrayed in Season 14. "I do not like the way I'm being portrayed at all. It's very upsetting to me and not accurate."

Despite feuding with Kelly Dodd, Tamra says she doesn't regret defending her. "No, because I felt bad for her. I don't pick favorites when it comes to the show. I'm paid to have an opinion and I'm usually on the morally correct side. If I do something stupid I expect to be called out and I will do the same."

When asked how often she hangs out with Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson, Judge said, "I see and talk to Shannon and Vicki a lot."

Tamra also threw shade at Kelly after a fan slammed Dodd's "middle school boy" jokes. "Same stupid canned jokes every year," she replied.

Photo Credit: Bravo