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Tamra Judge Calls “Bulls**t” On Camille Grammer’s Claims That Kyle Richards Got Her Fired From RHOBH — Camille Claps Back!

Looks like Tanra Judge has gotten herself in another social media feud with another Bravolebrity. This time, the Real Housewives of Orange County star got called out by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer.

It all went down after our good friends over at Good Tea Time shared a post on Instagram where Grammer accused Kyle Richards of being responsible for her not returning to the show's new season, Judge called "BS" on Grammer's allegations.

"Such bulls**t! It doesn't work like that," wrote Judge. "We have same production company and that's NOT the story I heard. When you're Not Friends with any of the cast they have No other choice but to let you go. No cast member has the power to fire someone."

Camille responded back to Judge's comments. "@tamrajudge You know better. It's was kyles show from the very beginning. She had a development deal with evolution for a show with Kim and Kathy. Kathy backed out and there was some controversy over development. So they decided to make it the real housewives of Beverly Hills. She brought LVP and asked me to take a meeting with Evolution. Andy was not interested at first. Kyle got paid 134k when the rest of the cast got paid around 36k. There was no most favored nation (MFN)."

She continued: "@tamrajudge She has input. It was her development deal with Evolution. Why do you think Teddi is still there?"

"@tamrajudge The producers asked me to make things right with Kyle because she was upset with me. Even her manager told me that kyle was mad. Alex called me [to] film with Kyle and make things [right]. I wasn't going to film for free. That's a non starter."

She added: "I declined and that's the truth. I have texts from Alex and Chris Cullen."

Photo Credit: Bravo