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Phaedra Parks Opens Up About Her Relationship With Boyfriend Medina Islam: “He’s A Really Good Guy”

Phaedra Parks is opening up about her relationship with Medina Islam. “He’s a really good guy,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum told PEOPLE. “He’s very calming and soothing and mild-mannered. I always dealt with the bad boys, and he’s very opposite from any guy I’ve ever dated. So that’s refreshing.”

The two met on a dating app, though Parks says she “knew him from around town in Atlanta.”

“You know, he used to be on a show here so we have a lot of mutual friends,” she says. “One of my best friends is one of his best friends as well.”

“We’re right at six months now,” she added. “It”s the perfect time, we’re still in the bubble. … It’s awesome!”

Parks and Islam have on obstacle in their relationship, the fact that Islam lives in Los Angeles and Parks in Atlanta. The former Bravo reality star explains how the two manage a long distance relationship.

“It’s hard doing the long distance, especially bi-costal because L.A. is a super long flight, outside of just the time difference,” Parks says. “But we’ve been making it work! He’s an actor so he’s New York quite a bit, and then he comes to Atlanta, and I get to L.A. to see him as well.”

To that end, Islam hasn’t met Parks’ two sons with ex-husband Apollo Nida: Ayden, 9, and Dylan, 6.

“He hasn’t met my kids yet,” Parks tells PEOPLE. “We’re just taking it slow with that.”

Photo Credit: Getty/Google Images