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Peter Thomas’ North Carolina Sports Bar Shuts Down Over $237K Unpaid Tax Lien!

Peter Thomas’ Sports One Bar and Lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina, is shutting down over a $237,000 tax lien after the former Real Housewives of Atlanta husband committed to other projects and finances ran dry, TMZ reports.

The bar will close for three to six months while Thomas and the bar’s legal team pay off the debt and settle the situation.

Thomas has been dealing with a few hiccups over the years. He was first sued for $225,000 over an alleged assault at Sports One in 2016. He was later arrested for writing fraudulent checks in March.

He took to Instagram at the time to address the situation in a seven-minute-long video and claimed that he wrote a $4,000 check to a talent agency but the “checking account was compromised.”

“Six days I spent in jail,” he added. “[The] ‘celebrity status’ I had made them put me around no one for six days. I don’t wish that on anyone, but I had a lot of time to think, and I had a lot of time to take medication because I’m claustrophobic.”

Photo Credit: Bravo