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Former RHODC Star Tareq Salahi Is Engaged To His Girlfriend And Business Partner Lisa Spoden!

Tareq Salahi has found new love again since divorcing former Real Housewives of D.C. star Michaele Salahi (now known as Michaele Schon). It's been reported that the former reality star is is engaged to his business partner, Lisa Spoden.

“‘Escaping’ to a new chapter…,” Salahi posted on his Facebook page, accompanied by pictures of the happy couple aboard a luxury cruise ship.

According to the Washington Post, Lisa Spoden, 54,  is a former health-care executive and a Washington socialite. She is the CEO of cruise-ship charter company Hotels at Sea, which she and Salahi, 47, co-founded.

In an e-mail, Spoden described their relationship as a business partnership that turned romantic. “While working together we fell in love,” she said. “We decided that we are a perfect fit both in love and work.”

Lisa Spoden and Tareq Salahi at a charity event (Photo Credit: Facebook)

It looks like the two have another thing in common besides being in love.... reality television. Spoden was in the alleged “cast” of a bizarre unscripted show whose filming was spotted around Washington last year. She told the Washington Post at the time that Bravo had bought episodes of “Wicked Politics,” a show about a D.C. lobbying firm — but the network apparently knew nothing about the show.

Back in 2009, Tareq and Michaele Salahi made international headlines for allegedly crashing the White House's state dinner. Their marriage ended in 2011 when Tareq announced that Michaele had possibly been kidnapped since she was "missing." It was later reported that she ran away and left him for her former boyfriend, Neal Schon from the rock band Journey. Tareq later sued Schon for $50 million.

According to Radar Online, the case was settled in 2012 and Tareq walked away with $12,000 and his mortgage paid for a full year. In his initial suit, Tareq complained that the stigma of being cheated on publicly hurt his image and cost him lucrative opportunities.

In 2013, Michaele became Ms. Schon when she married Neal in a televised pay-per-view winter wonderland wedding special.

Photo Credit: Getty Images