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Lisa Vanderpump Will Appear A Lot More In Season 8 Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ After Quitting RHOBH!

Lisa Vanderpump will be featured more in the upcoming eighth season of Vanderpump Rules after quitting The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “Lisa is excited to be featured more on this season of Vanderpump Rules,” an source told HollywoodLife.

“At first, she was deciding what to do about returning to Housewives so she didn’t want to film for Vanderpump Rules at the same time, however, once the decision was made to quit [RHOBH], she couldn’t wait to be featured on camera more.”

“[Lisa] was hanging out with the cast much more, wanted to be included in the trips, showing up to events, etc. You will be seeing a lot more Lisa next season now that she’s got more time to film with the ‘kids’ as she calls them,” the source continued.

LVP walked away from the Bravo hit reality series after feuding with her co-stars and she refused to film with them. Vanderpump admitted that she wasn't herself this year after mourning the death of her brother.

LVP confirmed that she quit RHOBH ahead of filming the reunion, which she decided not to attend.

“After she got back from her mom’s funeral, she wanted to start filming much more with all her free time as she really missed filming,” the insider told HollywoodLife.

“Lisa loves to film and show off all her projects so it was easy for her to decide to be more involved and re-focus her attention,” the insider concluded.

Photo Credit: Bravo