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Kim Richards Ordered To Pay Over $5,000 In Ghostwriter Lawsuit!

A judge is ordering Kim Richards to pay her ghostwriter Alison Kingsley Baker over $5,075. According to court records obtained by Radar Online from Los Angeles Superior Court, the judge considered the testimony of the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and Baker, as well as evidence presented, during a September 4, 2019 hearing.

A source at the hearing told the outlet of when Richards was called to testify, “She began unraveling excuse after excuse as to why she hadn’t paid her ghostwriter despite receiving a $300,000 advance from her publisher earlier this year.”

The insider continued, “She even mentioned having problems with her dog as to why she hadn’t paid up!”

“The judge was very patient with both sides, but swiftly rendered his verdict in favor of the plaintiff,” the insider said. “Judges love contracts, and this was a contract signed by Kim saying she would pay her once she was given money by the publisher.”

The judge ordered that if Richards pays the ghostwriter $5,000, plus $75 in costs, the entire case will be dismissed.

A compliance hearing was scheduled for October 4, 2019 if Richards did not pay up. But a second insider told Radar Online that Richards’ attorney paid within three days of the order.

“She’s a mess,” the source said of Richards. “If she doesn’t follow through and produce a book for the publisher, she will be sued for that hefty advance, so stay tuned.”

Photo Credit: Bravo