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Kary Brittingham Opens Up About Her RHOD Friendships And Reveals What Viewers Can Expect From Her In Season 4!

Kary Brittingham is opening up about joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas and reveals what viewers can expect from her in Season 4.

The blonde beauty, who's originally from Guadalajara, Mexico reveals how she ended up living in Dallas. "I originally moved to Dallas to go to SMU nineteen years ago. I ended up getting married for the first time in Dallas and then I had three children with my first husband. I divorced and married my second husband and ended up staying in Dallas after having kids," she told Instinct Magazine.

Kary then revealed how she ended up joining RHOD. "I have actually been friends with Cary Deuber since before she was cast on the show. She has been telling me about it since the beginning and had actually been encouraging me to try out for the show. I wanted to wait and just watch it and also watch her a bit first. Finally this last year, I was talking to her and mentioned that I had a jewelry line as a hobby, and she suggested I try out for the show again. I said “you know what, why not”? I tried out, and here I am!"

The Mexican beauty then opens up about her RHOD friendships. I know D’Andra Simmons a little while longer actually, we live close to each other. She is the other person, besides Cary Deuber, that I really had been talking to. When Cary Deuber did not do the show full-time this year, D’Andra was really a great friend of mine. We went to a girls night out, and I love my girls nights out! D’Andra came, and I met Stephanie (Hollman) and Brandi (Redmond) at that dinner also and I automatically became great friends with them! Stephanie and I speak every day, we are very close. I am very close to Kameron (Westcott) also, and Brandi and I are definitely very similar. We love to have a good time and we both are Cancers, so we both have a lot in common As for LeeAnne, it was very hard throughout the whole season to really get along with her.

As to what was the hardest part about filming RHOD? "The hardest thing for me was filming at home with my nineteen year old daughter, because you never really know what is going to come out of a nineteen year old’s mouth! (she laughs). What are you going to say?! Anything involving kids was definitely challenging. I came in and I honestly said what was real and just be me. If they ask me anything, I told myself that I was going to be real and say exactly how I feel; I put my life out there," she told Instinct Magazine.

"I said to myself that if I am going to do a show like this, I am going to be real and be exactly who I am. When you really are who you are and you are real, it is really not hard. It’s like they were just filming what I do and how I feel. Some people are going to love me and some are going to disagree with me, I totally get it. That’s life really."

Kary then reveals what viewers can expect from her in Season 4. "That I am real. That I am going to share a lot of my personal life, and there are parts that I think a lot of people would not talk about. I am proud that I am real and that above all, I always stay true to myself."

Photo Credit: Bravo