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Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Come To Lala Kent's Defense In 50 Cent Feud!

Jax Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright are coming to Lala Kent's defense in her ongoing feud with 50 Cent. The Vanderpump Rules couple slammed the rapper, calling him "stupid and "dumb."

“You know [50 Cent] looks stupid, he’s the one that looks dumb to be honest,” Jax Taylor told HollywoodLife. “If you read all the comments everyone’s going after him, not her. That’s how bullying is. That’s how people hurt themselves.”

“It’s kind of crazy actually, that a grown man is going after a 100 pound girl…a lot of people have done a lot worse to you 50 Cent,” Jax continued. “And your going to go after a girl? Lies.”

As for Cartwright, “[There is] no truth to [50’s comments] whatsoever. So I think that’s the worst part. Whenever somebody just straight up lies about you,” she added. “But Lala’s definitely trying to stay positive. She’s trying not to look at stuff…don’t attack somebody for something so little, I just don’t understand.”

Brittany also told HollywoodLife that Kent is “so strong” and reconfirmed she’s been “sober for over a year” after 50 Cent also accused Lala of using cocaine, which she vehemently denied.

Lala also claims she has “receipts” about to prove she “dinged” 50’s ego, which she has yet to post.

“It’s sad to see people who are trying to better themselves, people who are trying to turn a new leaf. And people still go after them. You can’t win,” Jax adds. “Even when you’re an a**hole, you were young and for that, you better yourself, you can’t win. You just can’t win.”

If you recall, the feud was reignited after Kent dished on her feud with Fifty during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Kent claimed that had “receipts” to prove she “dinged” 50’s ego. Thereafter, Fofty came after Kent in a series of Instagram post, slamming her appearance and sobriety.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images