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Is 50 Cent Still Feuding With Lala Kent And Randall Emmett?

Last week, Lala Kent reignited feud with 50 Cent after appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. The rapper came for the Vanderpump Rules star and her fiance Randall Emmett in a series of Instagram post after she claimed she had receipts that she bruised the rappers ego in their first feud that took place a few months back.

Fifty came harder this time, slamming Kent and Emmett's physical appearances and even slamming Kent's sobriety, which he accused her of drug use, calling her a drunk and a crackhead - Lala has denied the rappers allegations.

But the drama between them has since cooled off, so does this mean the feud if over?

“50 thinks it’s hilarious to troll people and the positive feedback he’s received from fans is motivation and incentive enough for him to not want to stop anytime soon. 50 understands that if he can dish it out, he should be able to take it but he also knows that he’ll come back at somebody harder than anything they could ever throw at him,” a source told HollywoodLife.

50 has since deleted the posts about Kent from social media. So where does Fofty stand with KEnt and Emmett now?

“Even with his closest friends, 50 is known for taking digs at them because they all know it’s in good fun. 50 deleted the pics of Lala from his Instagram because he didn’t want to flood his social media with her and help give her more attention than he believes she was looking for when she talked about him,” the insider continued, revealing that just because the Power actor has taken them down, the feud is far from over. “50 thought that Randall and Lala agreed to a truce so he doesn’t understand why she would talk about him again. Gloves are off and there’s no way for them to come back from this now.”

“In the rap game there is a complete no holds barred attitude when you do diss tracks. Social media for 50 is his new way of dropping verses so to speak and talk about people that upset him and he knows he is good at it so he isn’t ever going to stop. Someone will be a target for 50 at all times,” a second insider adds. “He is almost inviting someone to come back hard on him. He relishes it, but in his eyes no one has beat him at his own game. He wants to be challenged so he is always going to go after people until they actually defeat him. So Lala or Wendy [Williams], or anyone for that matter, he wants them to step out. He likes having these verbal wars and that will never change; it’s in his blood, he loves doing it and loves the reaction he gets from it all.”

After attacking her sobriety, Kent accused the rapper of cyber bullying her. “Lala’s posts about bullying mean absolutely nothing to 50 and that’s not why he took his posts down. One thing has nothing to do with the other. He couldn’t honestly care less what she thinks,” a third insider told HollywoodLife. “50 deleting his posts on Instagram just means that he’s over the feud -– for now. This is just what 50 does in regards to taking posts down. Once he’s over it, he removes them. But if Lala Or Randall run their mouths again, 50 will absolutely do all of this over again.”

The source adds: “Lala and 50 did not talk at all and have no plans to.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images