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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With RHOS Star Melissa Tkautz!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to Claude's Corner on I’m Jean-Claude Langerholc and today we have Melissa Tkautz from Foxtel's The Real Housewives of Sydney. The Actress, mother and singer dishes on her glamorous life and what she's been up since wrapping up RHOS, who she still keeps in touch with and letting us know it ain't much, it ain't much.

Hello Melissa, welcome to
Melissa Tkautz: Thank you for having me!

You’ve been in the entertainment industry for a long time, mostly as singer and actress - how was it transitioning into reality television?
MT: I was terrified! The experience was so different to anything I had done before. Sets and cameras feels like home to me but walking in without a script and told to be myself was a struggle. It was really hard to let the curtain down, settle down and let people see who you really are.

How were you approached to do RHOS?
MT: The opportunity came through my manager Shane Tyler Greaves at Stage Addiction and I thought this is something I would love to be a part of. I was always a huge fan of the show so I knew the format and what would be expected. 

Where you a fan of the Real Housewives franchise prior to joining?
MT: MAJORLY! No offence to the Melbourne girls but I hadn’t seen their series, but I had seen the international seasons. Beverly Hills is my favourite but I enjoy New Jersey and even the cancelled ones like DC.

When the show first came out overseas I said: “If that show ever comes to Australia I NEED to do it!”

If you could redo your tag line what would it be?
MT: I still like my tagline, it was certainly true to me.

How has your life changed since appearing on RHOS?
MT: I was always true to myself on the show, so my life didn’t change dramatically. I’ve been on television pretty much my whole life. What did happen was fans of the show coming up to me asking “Is that person really like that?” ... “Surely they aren’t like that in real life”. I loved that people identified with me on the show and were equally horrified by what was going on. Often people say ‘I’m horrified’ to me ... I think that’s one of the things people remember most from me on the show. And I was genuinely horrified.

RHOS Season 1 Tagline, Credit: Foxtel

What are some of your favourite moments from your time on RHOS?
MT: Singapore was an amazing experience, it was incredible! We were meant to go to a different city but I was more than happy with the change. I think stopping Matty from punching Athena in the face was a big moment for me! I had never been involved in a fight .... I just knew I needed to make sure Matty didn’t get hurt. 

The show was known for its controversial feuds and rows? How did you react to all the explosive fights around you?

MT: I was terrified of the fights. Never in my life had I witnessed so many fights. It’s just not how I or anyone I know conducts themselves. Yes the situations were sometimes heated but I think it went too far at times.

I am not a confrontational person, I just think it is a waste breath ... but when you are being attacked, it is an instinct to react.

Were you sad about to learn that the show did not airing in America and eventually Foxtel cancelled the show?
MT: To be totally honest, America was the last thing on my mind when we were creating the show... I didn’t even think about it.

What I was concentrating on was creating a show that everyone would enjoy. It was pretty wild ... maybe too wild. It was a shame that we never got to create a 2nd season, because I think a first season is always difficult to make. By the end of the season the people on the show were able to relax and let themselves truly get into the show.

Perhaps a little cast shake up would have delivered for season 2. It’s disappointing because a lot of people loved the show, and we really lost the window to take the show further.

RHOS Season 1 Promotional Photo, Credit: Foxtel

There’s been so many rumors as to why RHOS never aired (at the moment) in the US. Did the network or producers ever give you an answer as to why?

MT: It wasn’t like anyone ever called to say ‘This is why we aren’t airing in America’. And I never really questioned it either.

I guess I heard rumours through the grape vine like everybody else, and most of them were saying it was because of how ‘below the belt’ our season was. I think some of the language the ladies used was passable in Australia but not the US.

Is there any other show you would do?
MT: Acting is always going to be my number one passion. I’m always in front of a camera but playing a character .. that's home for me. However, in today's world reality is such a big deal. If the show was right...who knows?!

Family and kids are always a big consideration. Any working mum will tell you it’s a balancing act. You have to work but your kids always have to come first. It can be hard at times. Trying to be the best mum but also working and being a role model for your kids. Never say never. 

Have you met any Housewives from any of the other franchises?
MT: I have met all the Melbourne girls. They are all such gorgeous, lovely, strong women. I have worked with some of the Beverly Hills and UK girls too.

If Australia could do any other city what would be the place to cast?
MT: The next city in Australia would definitely have to be the Gold Coast. It’s beyond perfect.

Which former cast mates do you still keep in touch with?
MT: I keep in touch with a lot of the girls... Krissy, Victoria and Nicole. I see Matty at least twice a week.

What’s the hardest thing about being part of a major reality television franchise such as the Real Housewives while having a successful career?
MT: The hardest thing as truly all the confrontation. Reality is based on controversy so I knew it would happen but I wasn’t prepared for the fights. I found some of the comments and topics to be below the belt and vulgar. It was something that I really hadn’t see in any other show, not to that extent at least. A lot of it ended up on the editing room floor thankfully.

Melissa at RHOS Season 1 Reunion, Credit: Foxtel

What’s the biggest misconception people have from you since appearing on RHOS?
MT: I genuinely haven’t had a negative response. What people were seeing on the show was who I am. I’m easy going, laid back. I am a humorous person and I don’t think I really got the opportunity to show it off, because there was so much confrontation and fighting. People often tell me ‘you were the only normal one’ which says a lot about our show (she laughs).

What’a the biggest lesson you learned from watching yourself on TV?
MT: I really don’t like watching myself on TV, so truthfully I only ever saw the first episode which we watched as a group.

A few years back, you made a music return with a cover of Shelia E.'s The Glamorous Life. How did that come about?  Did you like the song? - And did Shelia E. give any feedback?
MT: I got the song idea from my previous manager. The funny thing is when I first heard the song I really didn’t like it at all. But a producer worked with it and made me a mix that I just loved.

You have a lot of successful songs in your career, any plans on releasing new music or perhaps going on tour?
MT: I’m currently working with a producer in the UK , and I think there will be a great track coming soon.

What’s the best part of touring?
MT: I think the best part of being on tour is standing on stage in front of people who love and support you. When you are acting you have a crew in front of you, but it just isn’t the same feeling as a purely live audience.

During your time on RHOS, we saw you return to acting as you were working on the horror flick Boar - How was that experience?
MT: Boar was an incredibly amazing experience and I loved every single second of working with such a great bunch of people. I think it’s a true testament to how great an experience can be if you are actually happy to be up at 3am in the freezing cold!

Do you have any other acting projects in the works?
MT: There are a few projects flying around at the moment and one that I am super excited to share ... but for now my lips are sealed.

Anything you would like to say to your fans?
MT: I am so grateful for the fans. Without the devotion of these fans we would not have an industry!
Whether they love or hate the show people were talking, these shows offer an escape for the everyday life. I’m 27 years into my career and I cannot thank my fans enough for the support that I get with everything I do. It really warms my heart, because without the fans we have we are nothing.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel