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Foxtel’s Brian Walsh Says Gina Liano Will Only Return To RHOMelbourne If Sally Bloomfield Is Fired, Brian Confirms They Want “To Shake It Up A Bit And Get Some New Faces” For Season 5!

This week, Foxtel finally announced that The Real Housewives of Melbourne was officially returning for a fifth season. The series, which was on hiatus for two years is expected to return with a major cast shakeup.

Foxtel's executive director of television Brian Walsh revealed during a recent interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday that Gina Liano has demanded her co-star Sally Bloomfield be axed altogether.

"Where we left it last season is that Gina said she would not come back to the show if Sally was on the series, and that has taken us some time to resolve how we move forward," Brian said, according to The Daily Mail Australia.

"Because, I think, Gina is an important part of the franchise and we'd love to see her back, but we can't have a situation where one of the talent is dictating the creative [direction of] the show."

Brian also told Kyle and Jackie O that none of the Housewives have been confirmed for next season as producers are still in the process of "shaking things up."

"The reason it has taken 18 months is that it was becoming a bit predictable in terms of the behavior of a few women,' he explained. 'We want to shake it up a bit and get some new faces."

The next thing for us is to sit down with the producers and the Housewives to determine which ones stay and which ones go, so we are definitely going to shake it up," he concluded.

Photo Credit: Foxtel