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Erika Jayne And Brooke Candy Release NSFW Music Video For ‘Drip’ — Watch It Here!

Erika Jayne has released new music! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star collaborated with Brooke Candy as they have released the single and music video of their new hit called “Drip.”

The track is the second single from Brooke's upcoming Sexorcism album, live at the VFiles New York Fashion Week show and have now released a racy accompanying video, which is NSFW.

In the clip, the two beauties are  dressed up in Catwoman-esque cosplay. They are seen modeling a new brand of gourmet cat food simply called "Pussy Drip," before playing with all of their favorite cat toys, including a feather wand and balls of yarn.

Check out the new video for Brooke Candy's "Drip" featuring Erika Jayne below:

Drip is available on all digital platforms.

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Photo/Video Credit: YouTube