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Emily Simpson’s Husband Shane Simpson Fails California Bar Exam!

According to the State Bar of California records obtained by Page Six, Shane Simpson, the husband of Real Housewives of Orange County star Emily Simpson did not pass the bar exam given in February in California.

Despite failing the bar exam in California, Shane  can still practice law in another state, as he passed the bar in Utah.

Apparently, Shane is still working on becoming a licensed lawyer.

“It’s one of the hardest bars in the country to pass. There was a 31 percent pass rate. So 69 percent of people don’t pass,” a source told PEOPLE. “It’s not like he’s in this minority where everybody passes but him.”

Shane's name is not currently included on the California Bar Organization website, while Emily, who works as an attorney, is listed.

The source says that Shane took the test “again in July and is awaiting the results.”

If you recall from watching the current season of the Bravo hit reality show, Shane spent time away from his family to study for the bar exam. He even moved in a hotel to study for the test. The situation has put a strain on their relationship.

Photo Credit: Bravo