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Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK’s UK Bank Account May Be Seized In His Ongoing $1.2 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Loan!

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Dorit Kemsley's husband Paul "PK" Kemsley was asked about an overseas bank account in the U.K. at a recent court hearing. The appearance was for a lawsuit filed against him by businessman Nicos Kirzis, who claims that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband owes him $1.2 million.

“Despite living in a multi-million dollar mansion and being featured on a show highlighting his and his wife’s wealth and opulent lifestyle, Mr. Kemsley steadfastly refuses to pay his debts,” Kirzis’ attorneys said, according to the documents.

Kirzis wants to seize the money in PK's UK account. The judge heard from both parties during the hearing. He did not make a decision but set a hearing for later this month. The judge asked for more information about the bank account before he issues an order. PK could face having the account seized, reports the outlet.

Earlier this month, Dorit lost her battle in her husband PK’s $1.2 million lawsuit. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a Los Angeles judge ordered the $29,634.10 held in her bank account to be seized.

Dorit's City National bank account had been frozen as part of the court battle. Dorit originally argued the $29k in the account was solely her money. She said PK had not contributed  to her account. She demanded the judge not allow Kirzis to touch the money.

Kirzis said Dorit failed to provide evidence, to back up her claims of it being only her cash.

Dorit and PK were in court this week and changed their mind about the account. They agreed to stop fighting over the $29k. The judge then ordered the money, which was being held by the court, to be sent over to Kirzis.

As previously reported, PK owes $1.2 million to a man named Nicos Kirzis who loaned him money back in 2011. He is accusing Kemsley of not paying a dime for years and PK even tried to wipe the debt clean in a bankruptcy.

Kirzis said Kemsley recently made a payment of $250,000 but that only covered the interest that racked up for years, leaving a remaining balance still of $1,235,573.66.

The creditor explains he recently garnished PK’s City National Bank account that he shares with his wife Dorit for $29,634.10.

As for Dorit, she recently tried to stop the $30k from being garnished claiming the money is her separate money. Meanwhile, Kirzis claims she gave no supporting evidence to back up her claim.

He argues that under California law, any of Dorit’s money is PK’s money because they are married. The judge set the hearing and Dorit and PK will have to appear in court later this month, reports The Blast.

Photo Credit: Getty Images