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Danielle Staub Opens Up About Her Love Life After Split With Oliver Maier And Marty Caffrey Divorce!

Danielle Staub is sharing an update on her love life following divorce from ex-husband Marty Caffrey and split from Oliver Maier. “Love life is great. I’m in love with my business. … I’m not interested in dating, I’m totally off the market, and I have seven men as business partners. I have work husbands,” she told Us Weekly.

“That’s what we’re going to call them. I’m working. I do about 14 hours a day.”

Staub also reveals that she and ex Caffrey, who still live together are now on good terms.

“He and I are getting along just fine. Yeah, and we’re finishing up the sale on the house, so we will be announcing that soon, and I will definitely be staying. It’s gotten very peaceful,” Staub explained. “When you remove all the noise, I think things settle in where they’re supposed to.”

Staub also teased that viewers can expect to see “certain things play out” regarding her relationship with Maier on season 10 of RHONJ, but she isn’t sure how much will make the cut.

“If you’re focused on a relationship with a man, you’re missing out, especially us women in the workforce, in the work world,” Staub explained to Us Weekly. “We’re just spending more time focused on making them look good. We should just be focusing on ourselves, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Bravo