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D’Andra Simmons Reveals She Got A Facelift; Says ‘It Got Depressing’ And Gained 25 Pounds After Plastic Surgery Procedure!

D'Andra Simmons has revealed the reason behind lighting her hair. The Real Housewives of Dallas star revealed that she had a facelift in early January and used the hair transformation as a decoy. "I'm all about telling people what I do, OK. I had a facelift," she star told Bravo's The Lookbook.

"I wanted to have my hair blonde because I didn't want people to notice my face because it takes a while to, you know, look like yourself again. So I thought, well, if they notice the hair, they're not going to notice the face. So that's really why I did it."

She continued, "I had always been planning it because of course my mother has had a few, and you need to do it before you need to do it, basically, so it's not so noticeable. So she had her first facelift, I think she was 47. So, 50, I'm in the right age group and age time. My neck was bothering me. I sell skincare for a living and what I'll tell people is that no matter what skincare you use or laser or tightening, there's nothing that's going to fix gravity. That's just the way it is. So, if you want to have that youthful fresh look, you're going to have to get a facelift. You're going to have to have surgery."

"The surgeon that I went to, when he saw my skin, he's like, 'I've never seen skin like this.' He goes, 'This is going to be amazing because your skin is in such great health.' And I've used my products, Hard Night Good Morning, aloe vera-based skincare products for 20 years... And so that's the difference. My skin was in really great condition so I had good results. I mean, I feel like I had good results. I don't look pulled, I don't look that different, but people kind of have to figure out if it's the hair or the face."

Simmons then shared details about her recovery and admits that she got depressed after having the plastic surgery procedure.

"Nobody tells you that you get depressed," she told Bravo's The Feast. "My husband took me out to California where I had [the facelift] done, and then he had to leave three days later to go to National Geographic. And so I was there, stuck in a beach house for a month by myself, and it got depressing."

"So of course, we all know that I love donuts, and I love to eat," she told The Feast. "Well, my favorite donut place in the world is in Costa Mesa, California, and it’s called Sidecar. So of course I was going there daily to Sidecar Donuts and having my cake donuts and I gained 25 pounds before the season started."

"I’ve been trying to get it off," she added. "I haven’t gotten it all off because it’s harder at 50. It’s a slow process."

Photo Credit: Bravo