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Cynthia Bailey And NeNe Leakes Are ‘Optimistic’ About Repairing Their Friendship!

Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes are hopeful to move on from their ongoing beef and are reportedly looking for away to fix their friendship. “Cynthia is optimistic for a friendship with NeNe, but it will be a different dynamic than what it was before,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“It’s hard to see they’ll ever have a kind of friendship like they used to again. NeNe too is optimistic, but sees there are lots of challenges. She’s not sure if she can trust Cynthia again, and once you break NeNe’s trust, it’s hard to move forward with her.”

“Both Cynthia and NeNe feel they are trying to get to a better place, but they’re having trouble seeing the other’s point of view on things. Having said that, things are getting better. They both are taking some steps to get there and are both putting in effort.”

Despite the two being spotted getting into a heated argument as they filming Season 12 of the Bravo hit reality series a few weeks back, sources reveal that their one-on-one sit down may have helped the two clear the air.

“Them meeting up and talking was something they both really wanted,” the source explained. “They’ve been trying to understand the other’s point of view.”

NeNe also took the time to send Cynthia a card after she got engaged to Mike Hill in July, proving there’s still good blood between them. “NeNe sent Cynthia a card because it was the right thing to do when you have someone you care about get engaged and Cynthia has reached out to NeNe as well. It seems they both are truly trying to do their best to get to a more cordial spot for not just themselves, but their cast members, too.”

Photo Credit: Bravo