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Brandi Redmond Says Being On The Real Housewives Of Dallas Has Been “Absolutely Therapeutic”

Brandi Redmond explains why being part of The Real Housewives of Dallas has been "therapeutic" for her. “Having become a ‘Housewife’ I got to see myself — and I mean, I’ve said this but watching myself — I was a little bit disappointed in the fact that I might have been really upset with my husband and put a lot of blame on him,” she told Page Six.

“But then when I saw that it goes both ways, I wasn’t his biggest cheerleader and I was probably more of a burden on him than uplifting and encouraging .. .watching it, it actually made me go, ‘Oh my gosh. I acted like that? I behave that way? I was that negative?’ So thank you for the experience! It was absolutely therapeutic being a ‘Housewife.'”

Despite the positives, being on the show also comes with the negatives as her parenting has come under fire with viewers after her daughter Brooklyn talked back to her mother on a recent episode.

“People have been judging my parenting and also my little girl and so that’s been very difficult to hear people’s comments and the negativity and the bullying, really,” Redmond told Page Six. “But, at the same time, I’ve had a lot of positive come out of it. I’ve been saying that people want to throw out a lot of advice and some of it’s not positive, but at the same time, I’m like, ‘OK. If you have got this figured out because I don’t, then where is your New York Times bestseller? And I will happily read it and I don’t like to read.’”

Photo Credit: Bravo