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Bethenny Frankel Travels To Miami And The Bahamas To Help Hurricane Dorian Victims!

Bethenny Frankel has been keeping herself busy since she announced that she quit The Real Housewives of New York City. The Skinnygil mogul has been helping those that have been affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Documenting her travels on her Instagram Stories, Frankel boarded a flight Monday to join her B Strong team in providing aid and disaster relief to the communities affected in Florida and the Bahamas.

“Hey, ok everyone, so I’m headed to Florida and the Bahamas now and I hope you’re having a good Labor Day and I will keep you posted on what’s going on but it’s pretty narly,” Frankel said in a video while on her way to the airport, according to PEOPLE. “My team is already at our warehouse pulling together all of our relief, and thank you all so much for offering.”

Frakel then urged her followers to consider donating to her B Strong Charity Program which is a “disaster relief initiative that provides real-time emergency assistance” in times of crisis.

“Please go to the B Strong link and donate,” Frankel asked her followers. “Relief goes to the warehouse, cash cards goes into people’s hands.”

Bethenny documented her decision to head out to Florida and the Bahamas on her Instagram Stories.

“So I’m just kind of getting down there to asses the whole situation and it’s a top priority,” she said, noting that she plans to be back from her trip in time for her daughter’s first day of school.

“My main priority is just making sure that I’m there for my daughter’s first day of school, before and after,” she explained. “So that is my only little worry, but I won’t miss that.”

Once she arrived at her warehouse in Miami, Frankel took her followers on a tour of the many relief supplies the organization acquired for victims of the storm. She also introduced some of the many volunteers that also came out to help, reports PEOPLE.

“I’m at our warehouse now…but this is where we receive relief from all over the country and distribute it in the Bahamas,” Frankel explained. “So first aid, medical, feminine hygiene, diapers, generators, you name it, water.”

Frankel is also sharing ongoing updated on Twitter. "Currently working on relief for the Bahamas & taking search & rescue mission there tomorrow to see what were up against," she wrote on Twitter on Monday.

She posted an update at noon EST on Tuesday: "We’re in a holding pattern bc of restricted air space. Working on loading generators, chainsaws & medical equipment onto the sea planes for when we’re cleared. We’ve been endorsed by the Bahamian Consulate as a relief partner. Donate!"

"Prayers are beautiful but we need money for rescue missions and barges to bring our relief. #bstrong #globalempowermentmission," she wrote on Twitter earlier on Tuesday, after musician Pharrell Williams tweeted prayers out for the Bahamian people, according to Bravo's The Daily Dish. "We have been endorsed as 1/3 relief organizations for collection & transportation of donated goods by the Bahamian General Consulate," she added.

CLICK HERE if you would like to mane a donation on Bethenny's B Strong program.

Photo Credit: Bravo