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50 Cent Claims Lala Kent And Randall Emmett Are Threatening Legal Action Against Him As Their Feud Continues On Social Media!

50 Cent's feud with Lala Kent and Randall Emmett continues. The rapper revealed in a now-deleted video on Instagram that the Vanderpump Rules star and her fiancé are threatening to sue him over their social media feud.

In the deleted post, he captioned the video: "Here’s the terms I agreed to when [Randall] gave me my money. I didn’t say anything about him till his little drunk ass girlfriend went running her mouth."

In the video, Fifty's lawyer expressed to him that the couple cannot sue him for defamation over having an opinion.

"In the event that either [Randall] or [Lala] make any public statements, whether on social media or otherwise, concerning G-Unit, Principal Jackson, or any dispute between the parties, including between Emmett and Jackson, G-Unit and Principal Jackson should be permitted to respond publicly in any manner and without any restrictions."

Fifty then responds to his lawyer, saying: "So they decided they wanted to sue me for defamation, right? I don’t give a fuck if they sue me. I don’t give a fuck. I got all day for this shit. I don’t care."

The rapper has continued to slam and shade both Kent and Emmett on social media, going after their looks by sharing unflattering photos of the couple and calling Kent a "drunk" in a series of Instagram posts.

In one post, Fifty wrote, "Rise in shine puffy face, it’s gym time but I’m sure your having a hangover. 👀welp 🥃 here’s to life buck O. LOL."

"Shut up Crack Head, Randell sniffing gr8 balls of fire," the rapper wrote as he shared a screenshot of an article about Kent defending her sobriety against his drug use claims.

Fifty then slammed Kent's look as he compared her looks to the demotic Annabelle doll, which is part of the Conjuring horror franchise.

"New Lala Kent doll limited edition, drunk puffy face. Good morning 🥃drink responsibly," he wrote.

Fofty also shared a series of photos of Kent of her taking shots of alcohol, when she used to be brunette.

"look it’s early in the day for shots, 🤨but you do got that mouth in the right position," he shared.

Photo Credit: Getty Images