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Tori Spelling Admits She’s ‘Sad’ And A ‘Little Offended’ That Andy Cohen Has Never Asked Her To Join RHOBH, Jennie Garth Admits She Turned Down Bravo’s Offer!

Tori Spelling revealed that she has “never” been asked to join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while her bestie and Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Jennie Garth claimed that she has been approached, but turned the offer down.

“I was like, ‘I’m the furthest thing from a desperate housewife,’” Garth said while appearing on  SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show on Monday, August 5. “Is it Desperate Housewives?”

Spelling admitted that it makes her “really sad” that she has never been approached to join the Bravo hit reality series.

“I was born in Beverly Hills, so I have one thing going for me,” Spelling, who is a fan of the series, explained. “I’m married with a lot of kids, drama follows me everywhere, they’ve never asked me!”

Spelling started laughing as she pictured Garth being part of the Bravo reality series.

“Imagine if you had done that show?” Spelling said. “I just can’t picture — what would you do? Imagine you having to cat fight with all of those women?”

While Garth called reality TV “not my jam,” Spelling did reveal that her friend can “throw down.”

Then, Spelling and Garth appeared on Bravo's late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen where a caller asked Spelling if she would ever consider holding a diamond.

“I don't know, Andy never asked me,” she said.

Andy then chimed in and said; “I read that you were offended that you were never been asked.”

“Not offended - ok - a little bit,” she said. “Because I'm the biggest fan like I grew up in Beverly Hills and this one's been asked,” Spelling pointing at Garth's direction.

Andy then asked Garth when she was asked to join RHOBH, which she said; “Two years ago.”

Spelling told Andy that's she's friends with “Denise, Lisa [Rinna] and Kyle, yeah.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images, Bravo