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Tamra Judge’s Son Ryan Vieth Addresses Threatening Text Messages He Sent To Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Rodriguez And Reveals He Will No Longer Appear On RHOC After This Season!

Ryan Vieth, the oldest son of Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has taken to his Instagram page to address the leak text messages that his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Rodriguez, who is the mother of her youngest daughter leaked then deleted on Instagram earlier this week, where he allegedly threatened to kill her.

Vieth claimed that Rodriguez, who is the mother of his daughter Ava is using the media to her advantage. He has also claimed that have caught Rodriquez hooking up with Dakota Meyer, who is the ex-husband of former Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin.

“Let me tell everybody something, there’s always two sides to every story. I keep my mouth shut for my daughters sake and because I like to keep my life as private as I can. I don’t play the media for sympathy. For everyone that wants to judge me for the chaos that was created yesterday please feel free to contact me. There’s a lot about our life that people don’t know and I’m here to set the record straight,” Ryan wrote on his Instagram Stories.

“I will be doing a full video statement to clear my name and expose the truth about my life and our situation,” he wrote.

Due to the social media backlash, Ryan confirmed that he will no longer appear in future season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“And for the Bravo fans,” Ryan continued, “this season is my last. I will never be [a part] of this show, the money isn’t worth having all this chaos around my daughter..”

According to Ryan, Sarah shared the text messages after allegedly being caught with another man.

“100% pre meditated because she got caught hanging out with a man that day I told her I didn't want to be with her anymore. I told her I didn’t want to be with her anymore. If I’m so horrible, violent and mean then why was she just in my bed 2 days ago? Clearly causing all this chaos because she knows how to play the media,” he said.

Ryan also shared a series of text messages sent between him and Sarah. “Go ahead keep doing what you are doing. It will all be out there. I am posting the [bullet] one next,” she wrote, noting a message she received from Ryan in which he shared a bullet photo and suggested it was for her, according to Reality Blurb.

“You’re posting that picture? If doing that is going to give you some sort of satisfaction then I can’t stop you. Just be with your man and live a happy life together. Please don’t disrupt my life with Ava,” Ryan replied.

In another message shared to his private Instagram account, Ryan spoke of Sarah’s alleged romance with Bristol’s former husband.

“I wonder if [Bristol] knows that while she was working on her marriage with Dakota Meyer, he was meeting up with [Sarah Rodriguez] at hotels [in Las Vegas],” he wrote.

A day later, Vieth made his Instagram page private and took to Instagram Stories to share more details about his public feud with the mother of his child, Sarah Rodriguez.

“One person can take so much, thank you Sarah for always causing chaos in my life by playing the media and show against me. Maybe I'll end up like your first boyfriend Luke.”

“And for the record, the bullet was for me not for Sarah but know one cares to know the truth.

He continued: “Sarah you know exactly what you're doing, your first boyfriend committed suicide because of you. You've managed to manipulate the system and took your kids fathers out of their lives. You're trying to take my daughter away from me also. You told people that everyone of your exs is abusive,” he wrote.

He added: “Every man you target is either rich or a public figure. I've had many people over the years reach out to me and tell me you're a call girl and have sex for money. I hope your whole f*cking world crumbles down on you.”

Photo Credit: Instagram, Getty/Google Images