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Tamra Judge Sounds Off On Her Fallout With Kelly Dodd; Says “There’s A Fine Line Between Damaged And Evil, And I Think She’s Evil”

Tamra Judge did not hold back when she discussed about her shares her fallout with The Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Kelly Dodd, which viewers will see the feud play out on the current season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“There’s a fine line between damaged and evil, and I think she’s evil,” Tamra told Us Weekly. “She went on social media talking about my husband [Eddie Judge], talking about a prior business he [worked for], talking about my kids. She has no boundaries.”

Judge claims that she was “Team Kelly” at the beginning of the season — until Dodd goes behind her back.

“She thanks me for being her biggest supporter, I leave town, and she stabs me in the back so hard that it’s like to a point where you can’t even fix it,” she explained. “She tried to turn the entire cast against me and it didn’t work.”

While Tamra didn't reveal specific details, she did say: “you have to watch!”

Judge claimed that Kelly continued to “attack” her “for no reason” during the season.

“I’ve done nothing to her,” she continued. “I was in tears. Even the season finale … She walks in and she’s done all this crap to me and I still had not really had bad words with her. And I said, ‘It’s very hurtful to go out on a limb with somebody that is very aggressive in her actions and her words and try to help her, and then to be stabbed in the back.’”

Apparently, Kelly eventually apologized to Tamra, but things between the two became irreparable after their aforementioned social media feud.

“She plays victim, and that’s something that Kelly does quite often, is that she throws all these bombs at people. And her thing, ‘You throw a bomb, I’ll throw a grenade,’ like, she’s just so harsh. And she did this to herself,” Tamra told Us Weekly. “I don’t think she has the ability to be a really good friend. She doesn’t have anybody’s back. … I’m done.”

Photo Credit: Bravo