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Tamra Judge Believes Emily Simpon’s Marriage To Shane Simpson Won’t Last And Shares Her Thoughts On Shannon Beador’s Relationship With New Boyfriend John Janssen!

Tamra Judge explains why she believes her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Emily Simpson's marriage to Shane Simpson won't last. When asked if Emily and Shane would suffer from the reality TV curse, Tamra said: “Probably … Yeah, I think so.” she told Us Weekly.

Judge also hinted that viewers that Shane is “just not around” during Season 14. As previously reported, a sourcce claimed that Emily and Shane's marriage is "crumbling."

“Emily feels completely neglected by Shane,” a source told Radar Online. “She’s very emotional right now.”

But the source claims that being on the Bravo hit reality series has changed Emily. “He thinks that being on Housewives has changed her,” the source continued. “If Shane had his way Emily would be an at-home mom who is just there to take care of the kids. But she’s not.”

“She is successful and she works hard,” the source explained. “It seems to be causing a lot of issues, because he doesn’t feel like as much of a man over it.”

During last week's episode of RHOC, viewers saw Shane and Emily butt heads when  it was revealed that Shane was busy studying for his bar exam instead of attending the birthday party Emily planned for his parents. When she called to ask where he was, he accused her and his family members of “harassment.”

Meanwhile, Judge also shared her thoughts on her bestie and co-star Shannon Beador's new relationship with boyfriend John Janssen.

“She did get her groove back, and she’s in a relationship with a guy that’s really nice, John, and she’s happy, and she’s just a more positive Shannon,” Tamra told Us Weekly, noting that the cast is “really happy” for Beador.

“I like him. I met him one time. From what I’ve seen, the one time, really good guy. And the things that she shared with me, that he just seems really into her. And that’s what everybody wants.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram