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Ryan Vieth’s Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Rodriguez Shares Threatening Text Messages He Allegedly Sent Her, Tamra Judge Responds!

Following Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Sarah Rodriguez, the ex-girlfriend of Tamra Judge's son Ryan Vieth leaked a series of threatening text messages he allegedly sent to her on Instagram.

In a now-deleted post, Rodriguez shared screenshots of alleged text messages between her and Vieth, who is the father of her youngest daughter.

“You talked [sh*t] about my daughter several times today. She is a child. You are supposed to be a grown up,” Sarah wrote, according to a screenshot obtained by Reality Blurb.

“And she acts like a little b***h. Just like you,” he allegedly replied.

“I don’t think you comprehend what you have done to my family,” Sarah continued.

“So you can both get f**ked,” Ryan fired back.

After Sarah called Ryan’s comments “disgusting and abusive,” he fired back by allegedly telling her to “go kill” herself.

In a second screenshot, Ryan allegedly said, “this one is for you,” which included an alleged photo of himself holding a bullet.

Ryan's mom Tamra Judge appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen following Tuesday night's episode of RHOC and a caller asked her about the leaked text messages, she responded:

“I don’t know, but Sarah tends to go on social media and it post all this stuff and delete it. So, I’m not buying into it,” Tamra explained.

Following Tamra’s appearance on the late night Bravo talk show, Rodriguez reacted to Tamra’s WWHL comments about the text messaged she shared.

“I have all her text messages from that day as well,” Sarah told one fan on Instagram comment section of a post, which was obtained by Reality Blurb via Beautiful Snarky Mess.

“She saw them before I called the police. I asked for her help,” she explained. Sarah then suggested that regardless she will always be the one to blame in her fights with Vieth.

Sarah then revealed that Tamra “can [set] the record straight or I will show [her messages] too.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram