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Roxy Earle Fires Back At Body Shamers: “This Is A Visual Representation Of Me Giving Zero F**ks What You Think About My Body”

Roxy Earle has taken to Instagram to respond to online trolls for fat shaming her on social media. The Real Housewives of Toronto shared a photo of herself, which she appears to be naked while covering herself with a hat.

"Dear Bullies, This is a visual representation of me giving zero f$*k what you think about my body," she wrote. "In fact, the more you hate the louder I shout. My stretch marks, my tummy, my thick thighs, my “obesity” that you speak of....those are just some of the ASSets that make my body glorious and I’m not going to shut up until you do....because you’ve done a hell of a lot of damage to a lot of women/ girls...and I’m simply not in the mood for it.

She added: "So take me on, I can handle it, but don’t you dare message my 12 yr old followers who can’t take that craziness. Sincerely, Roxy," adding the hashtag, "#MySizeRox."

Photo Credit: Instagram