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Melissa Gorga, Porsha Williams And Sonja Morgan React To Teresa Giudice’s Recent Claims That She’s “Never Enjoyed” Filming RHONJ!

Melissa Gorga, Porsha Williams and Sonja Morgan opened up about Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s recent claims that she’s “never enjoyed” filming the Bravo hit reality series.

“I don’t think she enjoyed it just because of the tumultuous things that were going on in her personal life, so she constantly had to tell the world,” Gorga told Us Weekly while promoting her Fiber One music video, “Work Done,” with the other housewives. “Where if you aren’t going through what she had to go through, it’s probably a little bit easier.”

Williams shared similar thoughts, telling the publication it depends on when she’s asked, because some times are more difficult than others. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star also gushed that the show is an opportunity to help her business grow.

“I also feel, personally, that Teresa has really come far and she seems much more comfortable with herself these days,” Williams told Us Weekly.

Morgan shared. “She’s done well getting used to being on camera.”

Williams added that they “all have those rough seasons,” to which both Gorga and Morgan agreed.

The news comes after Teresa Giudice revealed that she has never enjoyed filming RHONJ. “It’s always challenging for me, unfortunately. It’s like, everybody else has smooth sailing, has a great time on the show. For me, it’s always hard,” she told Us Weekly. “I haven’t enjoyed being on the show. Not as of yet, 10 years on. Not enjoyed one season yet. I can’t wait, maybe Season 11 I’ll enjoy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo