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Kelly Dodd And Tamra Judge Feud On Twitter During RHOC Season 14 Premiere Episode — Read Their Shady Tweets Here!

Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge got in a feud on Twitter during the Season 14 premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Dodd and Judge went back and forth on the social media platform over their finances and homes, accusing each other of being a "gold digger" and a "sugar momma." Check out their tweets below!

After Judge revealed that she was happy living in a 2 million dollar home in Coto de Caza, Kelly threw major shade towards her co-star. "Living in Coto you're rich! lmfo," she tweeted. "Who says that?? Coto is in the sticks.!"

Kelly wrote: "You can't buy a tear down in Newport Beach for $2m . Coto is a nicer Temecula.."

To which Judge replied to Dodd's tweet: "Do you own a house ? I own 2"

Judge then tweeted: "I pay for my houses. I don't date old men for money."

Kelly clapped back: "I sold my house for $5m dollars !! Lmfao!! I could pay for your house with case!! Lmfao .

Judge responded with: "You're so blessed. I hope you buy you 5 million dollar home soon."

After Judge accused Dodd of dating older men for money, Dodd tweeted back: "And my boyfriend is your age !! So I guess you're saying your old!! Lmfao," adding multiple laughing emoji faces."

As for Tamra, she replied: "Yup I'm old."

Kelly tweeted: "She cutting me down that I'm renting my beach shack. But I'd rather live on the beach than have a McMansion in BFE.

Tamra then added: "Let's compare income? If it bothers you that much," adding a laughing emoji face.

Kelly tweeted back: "Take ur own CBD & relax. Michael was the president of many public companies & I was left with a windfall not a salary u rely on solely .. who did you marry? A spin instructor? When you time runs out on the show #youarenext let's see if your husband sticks around !! #sugamama."

After a fan called out Dodd for making fun of Eddie, who has a heart condition, Dodd tweeted: "She brought my boyfriend into it."

When another fan asked what was Kelly's real job? Tamra tweeted: "I think we all know the answer to that."

A fan then later asked Kelly to not "stoop" to Tamra's level, Kelly tweeted: "Sage advice! Thank you."

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo