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Katie Rost Opens Up About Her Ongoing Custody Battle And Calls Out RHOP Producers For Not Inviting Her To The Season 4 Reunion!

Katie Rost is opening up about her ongoing custody battle. “There’s been no shift in his attitude. He’s not willing to work with me,” the Real Housewives of Potomac told Page Six of her ex-husband, Dr. James Orsini.

“There’s a lot of court process still, which is extremely draining and frustratingly slow. It takes a while, but I think in the end, everything will be resolved by some more intelligent judges than the ones I had before.”

In a comment section of one of her Instagram posts, Rost revealed the reason why she doesn't have primary custody of her children.

"If an abusive person makes certain statements claims, files motions, exhausts the other parent financially which is very easy thing to do, the parent not willing to engage in the corruption and pay offs can easily and quickly be defeated. That being said, but I still have joint custody of my children. And I will never give up on my rights as a woman and a mother."

She further elaborated; "The people / judges in these family courts treat parents like they are criminals. Its heartbreaking. It rewards assholes. It's a horrible system, especially in corrupt mafia run New Jersey," she wrote. "They are the most racist, evil people I've ever encountered. Horrible system that devalues mothers, rewards abusive mne and seems to literally hate anyone who isn't Italian and ready to pay them off. Yes, I said it cause it's TRUE. We are so quick to forget that just because the laws have changed to protect women and children and minorities over the last 50 years in this country does not mean those laws are enforced. Women are being stripped of their parental rights every damn day in that system. Its vile. That's why I won't be voting for a man named Trump. #BERGEN"

The Bravo reality also recently confirmed that she will not be attending the upcoming Season 4 reunion taping of RHOP. "True Entertainment Production just sent me a message saying I would not be asked to join the reunion, I think that's a mistake but oh well... Chester molester will be there but not me, lame all day. #Rhop"

Rost then took to Twitter to call out the show's producers for not inviting her to the Season 4 reunion.
"I say wayyyyyyyyy soooooooo much! And I pull no punches! They are dumb, don't respect talent, apparently could give zero f*cks about cameramen and have jumped the shark this season, but is truly offensive. I'm not the mess. They are."

Photo Credit: Bravo