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Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Shut Down Marriage Trouble Rumors!

Vanderpump Rules couple Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are shutting down marriage trouble rumors. “I love his ring, I love seeing it on him. He’s always wearing it, he hasn’t lost it or anything yet, I was really worried about that … He’s even gonna get workout rings that he can wear to the gym,” Cartwright told Us Weekly.

Meanwhile, Jax took to his Instagram Stories to address the topic.

"Little update: Out of the gym, ring back on, marriage still OK. It's annoying right? Now you know what I feel when I have 50 million people asking me, 'Where's my ring?' Really?"

Jax also shared a screenshot of HollywoodLife's Instagram post where they reported that there was "trouble in paradise" between him and his wife Brittany. In the post, which he shared on Instagram Stories, Jax wrote, "Slow day at the office? Come all the way to the valley to take a pic of me not wearing my ring. I hope you sat in traffic all day after.

He added: "And for the record I rarely wear my ring when I'm at home or go to the gym, like a lot of men I know. Stop being creepy."

Taylor also shared a selfie of him wearing his wedding ring with the caption; "This better for everyone. Happy now?"

Photo Credit: Bravo