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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Gregoriane ‘Grego’ Minot!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to Claude's Corner on I’m Jean-Claude Langerholc and today we have Gregoriane "Grego" Minot from from Slice's The Real Housewives of Toronto. The former child star talks life after RHOT and opens up about her new cooking show, "Kitchen Party with Grego and Ada" and much more.

So we know that it was Joan Kelley Walker and Jana Webb that told you that you should do RHOT. Any regrets?
Grego Minot: Absolutely no regrets - knowing that Joan and Jana were part of the adventure definitely facilitated my decision to come on board.

Are you still in touch with them now?
GM: Yes. I see Joan, Jana and Ann the most. I don't have any contact with Kara.

How did you feel entering a show with a huge global following?
GM: Nervous and excited as the same time!

After doing the show, how did you feel?
GM: Relieved and pleased : )

How was meeting the other ladies?
GM: As you pointed out, I already knew Joan and Jana. I met the other Housewives on set and that first meeting was a very interesting : )

Being the second Canadian spin-off, were you girls nervous about living up to RHOV?
GM: No, not really.

Do you feel like you ladies bought the drama?
GM: I feel as if we did.

Do you feel that Kara Alloway was bullied?
GM: Absolutely NOT.

Were you sad that there was no reunion?
GM: Yes, we were all dissapointed.

Why wasn’t there a reunion?
GM: I unfortunately don't know

What would you have worn if there was a reunion?
GM: Something glamorous!

Who’s your favourite designer?
GM: I am a big fan of Canadian designers such as Micheal D, Stephan Caras and Narces.

Are you still dancing?
GM: I do... but just for fun!

Would you ever consider doing Dancing with the Stars?
GM: Definitely!

If there was any other Housewives show you'd be part of - which one would you be interested in? Both national and international?
GM: Real Housewives of NYC and/or Real Housewives of Bangkok...but I don't speak Thai.

What was the highlight of RHOT Season 1?
GM: Our trip to Barcelona!

If there was a second season, would you come back?
GM: Absolutely.

And what would your Season 2 tagline be?
GM: Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive!

How was it reconnecting with you're birth mother?
GM: It was an incredible and surreal experience that changed my life.

What were your feelings beforehand?
GM: Anxious and emotional

Are you two still in touch?
GM: Yes, we speak any least once a month and my family and I are planning on going back to see her again.

Has she watched the show?
GM: No

Have you learned how to speak Thai?
GM: I regretfully don't speak Thai but I am planning on learning it!

Congratulation on the launch of you're web-series "Kitchen Party with Grego and Ada." For those who are not aware of it, can you tell us what the expect?
GM: It is a cooking-themed talk show that features notable guests, a DJ, musicians, etc.

Who came up with the concept?
GM: Ada and I both did!

Who's the better cook?
GM: Ada would agree that I am : )

Will we see this on a major network?
GM: We hope so...

Is there a cook book in the works?
GM: That would be one of the next logical steps : )

What's your favourite dish to cook?
GM: Homemade pasta and Mediterranean dishes.

What's next for Grego?
GM: Further developing my TV show, spending more energy with the charitable organizations I support, travelling to new places with my family and launching new projects.

Anything to would like say to your fans?
GM: I am grateful for all your love and constant support. The positive messages I receive from you truly bring me joy and motivate me to be a better person.Thank you with all my heart!

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Photo Credit: Slice