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Gina Kirschenheiter's Ex Matt Kirschenheiter Accuses Her Of “Acting Irrationally” And “Completely Erratic” In New Divorce Filing!

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Gina Kirschenheiter's ex-husband Matt says he no longer uses alcohol or marijuana, has never engaged in hard drug use, and is a “devoted father” to their three young children.

However, he claims Gina is using his love for the kids as a way to be “extremely vindictive” in their divorce.

“Petitioner has historically been extremely vindictive and has used the children when she becomes angry or wants to control me,” he wrote in a July 30 declaration, adding that Gina has heightened the drama in a desperate grasp for fame.

“Petitioner has been acting erratically and in a way that I believe is unfortunately more based on a ‘storyline’ for her reality television show and not rooted in the best interest of our children.”

In his argument, Matt cited a Radar story claiming Gina was filming scenes about the arrest for the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, which premiered on August 6.

He then said she was “irate,” and began “acting irrationally” and “completely erratic” when he stopped making payments for her car as decided in a December 2018 divorce settlement.

“She caused total chaos as we did not know if she was coming to pick up the children or not,” Matt wrote. “Petitioner texted my sister ‘Visitation will be revoked. He needs to get himself in order. He’s sick. Not broke.'”

“Petitioner demanding that my visitation with our children by ‘revoked’ simply because she was going to be required to pay her own car payment…is consistent with her historical vindictive mature and using the children as ‘leverage.'”

He then said Gina “threatened” his mother via text by claiming “You’ll see what happens next!” and sending a photo of fireworks going off.


“I am convinced that Petitioner is using any excuse she can to separate the children from me, as she knows that is my Achilles Heel,” Matt added, according to Radar Online.

Also in the filing, Matt confirmed Radar’s exclusive report that he was from his longtime job after the arrest, admitting he was “forced to resign” from his position.

The former couple will face off in court on Wednesday, August 14.

Gina and Matt have three children together: Nicholas (7) Sienna (5), and Luca (3).

Photo Credit: Bravo, Orange County Sheriffs Department