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Gina Kirschenheiter Claims She Has Photos Of “Physical Injuries From Domestic Abuse” In Her Divorce Battle Against Ex Matt Kirschenheiter!

According to court documents filed in Orange County on August 5, which was obtained by Radar Online, Gina Kirschenheiter submitted a “Exhibit List” that included details of the evidence she plans to present in her bitter divorce from Matt Kirschenheiter.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star's attorney filed the documents detailing the list of witnesses she planned to call to support her version of events, including family, friends and the police officer that responded to a call of domestic abuse at their Orange County home.

Petitioner’s Exhibit List filed in Gina and Matt’s explosive divorce included details about what she planned to present as evidence in their upcoming hearing. “Various photos of Petitioner’s physical injuries from domestic abuse,” the documents obtained by Radar Online stated.

Gina noted in her court documents that she would be presenting messages regarding the Temporary Restraining Order she was granted against the father of her children. “Various messages from Respondent to Petitioner regarding violations of Temporary Restraining Order filed on June 24, 2019,” she noted in the documents.

The outlet claims that Gina listed 11 witnesses that her attorney planned to call during the August 14 hearing that was scheduled, including her immediate family and friends.

The court documents listed Officer Mai as one of her witness. “Anticipated testimony will accompany his response to the domestic violence incident at the family residence. Petitioner reserves the right to examine this witness on any further issues,” the papers claimed.

As previously reported, Matt was arrested for domestic violence on June 22. The Bravo reality star accused him of hitting, choking, dragging and even threatening to kill her in the terrifying fight. Despite being arrested, he as not yet been charged with a crime.

As for Matt, he is fighting back in recent court documents, claiming that Gina was using his love for their children as a way to be “extremely vindictive” in their divorce. “Petitioner has historically been extremely vindictive and has used the children when she becomes angry or wants to control me,” he wrote in a July 30 declaration, adding that Gina has heightened the drama in a desperate grasp for fame.

“Petitioner has been acting erratically and in a way that I believe is unfortunately more based on a ‘storyline’ for her reality television show and not rooted in the best interest of our children,” he wrote in the documents obtained by Radar Online.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram