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EXCLUSIVE: Christall Kay Reacts To Evodia Mogase And Mercy Mogase’s RHOJ Exit!

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg are currently filming their second season. The new season will feature new faces as Evodia "Madame" Mogase and her daughter Mercy Mogase confirmed their exit from the series back in May.

Christall, who feuded with the mother/daughter duo in Season 1 told us EXCLUSIVELY how she felt about them quitting the show.

"I am both relieved and disappointed that Evodia and Mercy are not coming back," she told us EXCLUSIVELY. "They made the show a misery at times but did keep me on my toes!"

As previously reported, the ladies were recently spotted filming and the "Wonder" singer/songwriter teased us and shared what viewers can expect in Season 2.

"Yes! We have started filming series 2," she told iRealHousewives last month She also revealed that in the new season, viewers can expect "a lot of glamour, fun and drama coming out of season 2."

Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Johannesburg is currently airing in Australia on Foxtel's Arena.

Photo Credit: Instagram