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Brandi Glanville Slams Camille Grammer On Twitter For Agreeing With Fan That Kyle Richards Brought Her Around To Upset Lisa Vanderpump — Read Brandi’s Tweets Here!

Brandi Glanville calls out Camille Grammer on Twitter after agreeing with a fan that Kyle Richards only brought the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star around the group to upset Lisa Vanderpump.

After Grammer said she agreed that Kyle Richards only brought Brandi Glanville around to upset Lisa Vanderpump, Glanville slammed Grammer on Twitter after her comment got circulated on social media and a few outlets, who reported the story.

"Hey @TheRealCamilleG, LBC @KyleRichards did not bring me on the show this season I met & absolutely adore @DENISE_RICHARDS. I run into @KyleRichards in "REAL LIFE" all the time because we are neighbors. Get off the f*cking internet & go have sex with your new husband."

She continued: "She needs to get off the internet & "get off" in real life. Im calling her as soon as I get my phone back tomorrow. Don't come for me bitch."

"I did not start with you @TheRealCamilleG, but LBC I will finish it if you continue. Keep me out of your mouth put something of your husbands on it. FOR REALZ THO!!! Why are [you] doing this???"

When a fan asked Glanville what she meant by using the initials LBC, she wrote: "LETS BE CLEAR--its what I say when I'm pissed."

"I actually have tried very hard to stay out of this & I still don't quit get when you have a 40 million dollar settlement and a hot new husband how you have time tweet so much :)," she wrote. "Im lover honestly not sure why she is poking the bear."

She added: "Involving my name&making up a fake story she clearly gave to a blog to come for me. Wrong bitch."

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Photo Credit: Bravo