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Barbara Kavovit Addresses Her Future On RHONY And Ramona Singer Is Reportedly ‘Gunning’ For Her Friend Missy Pool To Join Season 12 Cast!

According to new sources, Ramona Singer wants her friend friend Missy Pool to join the upcoming twelfth season of The Real Housewives of New York City. As viewers may recall, Missy previously dated Luann de Lesseps' now ex-husband Tom D'Agostino.

Missy, who is close friends with Singer made several appearances on the Bravo hit reality series during the Luann and Tom saga.

“Ramona Singer is gunning hard to get her good friend Missy Pool on RHONY because she would know how much it would frustrate Luann, as Missy used to be Tom D’Agostino’s ex,” a source close told HollywoodLife.

“Tom dated and married Lu briefly, and she and Lu do not get along. Missy has had some conversations with the people at RHONY and seems open to it. The ladies begin filming at the end of August and everyone will be back, but they’d like to add one or two wives into the mix to spice things up,” the insider continued.

“Ramona knows that having Missy join would be great for TV. Ramona and Lu aren’t in the best of places, and Ramona would like another ally for herself. Ramona knows how much it would get under Lu’s skin if Missy joined. She thinks Missy would be a great fit, so she made the introduction and pitched the idea,” the source told HollywoodLife.

While Ramona wants to add another ally on her corner, seems like Luann may loose a close friend on the show as Barbara Kavovit, who joined RHONY as a "friend" last seasons recently revealed that she will most likely not return to the show's upcoming twelfth season.

In the comment section of one of her Instagram posts, Barbara told a fan: “Don't think so love,” she responded when a fan asked if she was coming back to the show.

In an interview with Out in Jersey, Kavovit reflected on her first RHONY season. “I don’t have regrets from this past season. If I were to go back to the show, things would be similar. I’d still wear my wrap dresses and crop tops and have a fierce spray tan (making sure to spray in the shower)! I would love to show more of my business on the show—we work on some amazing projects. And I would love to show how much hard work happens on an Evergreen job site!,” she told the outlet.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram