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Andy Cohen Publicly Apologizes On WWHL For RHOP Audio Mix-Up In Unseen Footage Involving Ashley Darby’s Husband Michael Darby And Cameraman!

During Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen publicly apologized over the audio from the episode in the “unseen” footage that was featured on The Real Housewives of Potomac that involved Ashley Darby's husband and the cameraman.

“I want to first start with a correction. On last Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live, we aired the Potomac unseen footage,” the WWHL host said. “We mistakenly attributed a quote to the cameraman, when in fact, there was no attribution made when the episode originally aired in its entirety.”

“We sincerely apologize for that error,” Cohen added, according to Reality Blurb.

After the unseen footage aired, both Michael and Ashley reacted to the scene. “On one hand, I was amused by the production company’s amateurish attempt to affect the viewers opinion by first showing video that clearly does not show any improper action by me and then try to couple that with another video which was taken 4 hours later by a different cameraman of a conversation with a cousin of a cast member — not the cameraman — who whenever I see him refers to a well-documented, harmless event that occurred in season one,” Michael told PEOPLE. “On the other hand it shows the level people will stoop to in order to get ratings.”

“This was a serious situation where an employee of the production company tried to take advantage of my wife and I by making up a story to try to profit from it,” Michael added. “The fact that the production company appears to endorse his actions by splicing together disconnected and unrelated events in order to also profit is really scary for people in my position.”

Meanwhile, Michael's wife, Ashley took to Instagram, in a now-deleted post where she came in her husband's defense. “The production footage didn’t reveal anything new. Michael said what happened and it was proven. Also, the supposed audio at the end was a joke that a cast member’s cousin makes to Michael all the time, and that’s who Michael is talking to. Of course that isn’t noted. Anyways, this was addressed by the legitimate legal system and Michael was exonerated.,” she wrote.

Monique Samuels also revealed via Twitter after the episode aired that the voice used in the unseen footage was in fact her cousin, not the cameraman. “Confused as to why they have @hankdavis27’s voice at the end of the episode talking to Michael... that wasn’t the cameraman 🤔 #rhop,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, a representative for Truly Original, RHOP‘s production company, responded to PEOPLE about Michael’s claims. “Pertaining to Michael Darby’s scenes in last night’s Real Housewives of Potomac, there was no manipulation of audio or video; the footage that aired in last night’s episode depicted events exactly as they occurred,” they said in a statement to PEOPLE.

Photo Credit: Bravo