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50 Cents Doesn’t Regret Publicly Feuding With Randall Emmett And Lala Kent On Instagram!

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday alongside model Kate Upton, Curtis Jackson, who is known as 50 Cent reflected on his public feud with his Power co-producer Randall Emmett and Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent on social media in April.

The rapper admits that he has no regrets about calling Emmett out for allegedly owing him $1 million from six years ago.

“I got me paid right away,” 50 Cent told Cohen.

Cohen also asked 50 about his new nickname “Fofty,” which came after Emmett misspelled his name by writing, “I’m sorry fofty” in a text exchange the rapper posted to Instagram, according to PEOPLE.

“He was speeding, he’s going fast,” 50 Cent said of the nickname’s origins, adding that it became “a whole new thing.”

When asked if he still has issues with Emmett and Kent - he replied, “I don’t have a problem with them.” However, he said he doesn’t plan to attend their April 2020 wedding.

After finding clips of Kent on Vanderpump Rules, the rapper did admit that he found the series to be “interesting.”

“The show is interesting, very interesting to me,” he told Cohen. “Since then, I’ve watched … and it was ill, like [Kent] was telling the whole truth. I was like, Why would you tell the truth?”

If you recall last season, Kent told co-star Stassi Schroeder that she went out with Emmett after she auditioned for his movie The Row.

“I let him hit it the first time and we were inseparable,” Kent explained in the clip, and added, “The first night we banged, I got a car the next day.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images