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Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly Is “Sad And Disappointed” About Being Demoted!

According to sources, Vicki Gunvalson is “sad and disappointed” that she won’t be returning to the Real Housewives of Orange County as a full-time cast member for the show's upcoming fourteenth season.

“She felt a bit offended since she has dubbed herself the ‘OG of the OC,’ but she understands it is business and would love to earn a full-time orange again eventually,” an insider told HollywoodLife.

“Vicki participated in the cast photo shoot and was expecting to be full-time at one point and the decision for her not to be full-time was told to her before awhile ago,” the source continued. “This decision did not happen overnight. The initial revelation that she would be a ‘friend’ did shock her, but she knew well before the trailer dropped. Despite this, she is keeping her head held high.”

“Fans will see a lot of Vicki this season despite the fact that she is just a ‘friend,'” the source continued. “She filmed a ton. Some of the cast like Tamra [Judge] and Shannon [Beador] took the news hard but then people like Kelly [Dodd] who don’t get along with Vicki are relieved she won’t be on the show in a full-time capacity.”

“Tamra really doesn’t know how she’ll handle Vicki not being a full-time cast member on ‘RHOC‘. Tamra knows Vicki will be just fine no matter what and has a full plate with her business, kids, grandkids, and planning her wedding with Steve. Tamra and Vicki are still best friends and spend so much time together, so not much will change off camera, but they have been through so much together on the show that it will definitely take some getting used to without her sidekick there all the time. Tamra is completely supporting Vicki throughout this entire transition and loves her no matter what,” the source told HollywoodLife.

Photo Credit: Bravo