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Teresa Giudice Teases “Explosive” RHONJ Drama In Season 10; Says “I Was More Mad This Season Than When I Flipped The Table”

Teresa Giudice is spilling the tea about what viewers can expect in the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Despite the drama in previous seasons, the original cast member of the Bravo hit reality series admitted that she hasn’t ever been happy during filming.

“It’s always challenging for me, unfortunately. It’s like, everybody else has smooth sailing, has a great time on the show. For me, it’s always hard,” she told Us Weekly. “I haven’t enjoyed being on the show. Not as of yet, 10 years on. Not enjoyed one season yet. I can’t wait, maybe Season 11 I’ll enjoy.”

While Teresa remained tight-lipped about Season 10, she did tease a bit about what fans can expect in the new upcoming season.

“The 10th season is explosive. They wanted to do something big for the 10th season, and there’s a lot of drama. Not that we wanted to do something big, it happened,” she teased. “I didn’t expect it to happen. I’m shocked. It’s just screwed up. … Tensions are high.”

“You’re going to get to know me even better this season, because it’s hard for me to open up. I think that’s the problem that everyone thinks that I’m so tough,” she continued. “I do open up this season, which is good.”

Teresa also teased that her frustration in the new season was nearly comparable to her iconic table-flip moment from Season 1.

“What happened, I didn’t expect it to happen. I’m shocked,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s just screwed up, you know? Let me just tell you, I was more mad this season than when I flipped the table.”

The mother-of-four refrained from disclosing who sparked the visceral reaction from her, but she noted that fans have “got to watch the show.”

Photo Credit: Bravo