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Teresa Giudice Laughs Off Rumors That She’s Dating Realtor Blake Schreck!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is reportedly finding humor in the rumors that accuse her of allegedly cheating on her husband Joe Giudice with realtor Blake Schreck. “Teresa is laughing that people think she is dating Blake Schreck,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Teresa insists she and Blake Schreck are just really good friends and they constantly joke about what everyone says,” the source continues. “Teresa has a ton of guy friends and enjoys going out and being flirty, but she’d never do anything about it. She’s a married woman.”

The outlet reveals that Teresa and Blake’s relationships is strictly professional! “This is a business relationship. They are working together with others on a business project. Anyone who says anything to the contrary is delusional and uninformed,” Teresa’s lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr., told HollywoodLife.

The news comes after Giudice and Schreckwere spotted in New York City, which a eyewitness relayed to Us Weekly that the two seemed like they were on a date. Teresa and Blake were “spotted across from each other on the terrace” at NYC’s Pier 17 rooftop bar, where they were “laughing a lot together,” according to the source.

“Blake was making Teresa laugh, and she was giggling. They looked very much like a couple on a date,” the eyewitness added, which certainly could’ve led fans to believe the wrong idea. Blake and Teresa also stirred rumors with their President’s Day weekend getaway to Miami in Feb. 2019, reports HollywoodLife.

Photo Credit: Bravo, MEGA